Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Website Design - Using CSS

Benefits of using cascading style sheets in website design.

* Using CSS or cascading style sheet is a favorable way of designing web pages. CSS allows a web page designer better control of the layout and results in better look of the web pages. The best is to use external CSS included in the link which is placed in the head portion of the web page. With this link tag one can implement the style sheet to the whole site. And by editing one style sheet one can make desired changes on the site.
* Every page should have the style sheet to implement CSS there. The link tag is used to connect external CSS style sheet in a Web page but the link tag also conveys relationship between the relational pages.
* If the aim of the web designer is to create a Web page that appears as close as possible across whole set of web browsers, then first a master CSS style sheet is created to remove default browser styling. Thus when you build the website using master CSS style sheets, you'll be beginning with a clean palette. A good web designer knows how to link CSS with the web page HTML.
* CSS makes it easy to add spaces around objects, next to elements, and inside your pages. CSS helps web designer in indenting, out denting, letter and word spacing, in line height and the white space. With CSS one can create a bulleted list on the web page.
* CSS implementation is a great way to create framed pages without using frames - CSS allows you to position your HTML elements including making it look like a frame. It is also possible to create a background water mark image using CSS. It is easier to control H1, H2fonts and different font sizes using CSS. The web designer can make the fonts appear smaller or larger than what the font sizes actually are. CSS provides several properties for modifying your text so that your Web pages look more interesting. Text-decoration, text-transform, and text-shadow are useful properties to understand.
* CSS helps in re-designing the HR tags used for dividing an HTML page. One can also stylize link or hyper link elements on a web page using CSS, like changing the hover color and visited color etc.

More and more web designers are using CSS today effective web page designs.

I am a freelance seo content writer and hence interested in web design and development. I write often on website design and search engine optimization. I have written this article to highlight the use of CSS in creating web sites.

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