Saturday, November 3, 2012

Five Key Questions to Ask Before Designing Your Website

As with many things, good web design begins with careful planning and attention to detail. Before you even commit a line of code to your site, you should think hard about the type of website that will best suit your company and its goals. The answers to these five simple questions should help you get a much better idea of what your finished website will look like and aid in its design.

#1 - What is the primary purpose of the website?
Are you establishing a website as a source of information for interested web users? Do you wish to showcase what your company does and its expertise in doing so? Or is the main purpose of your website to funnel web users towards buying a product they want or need? The main purpose of your website will have important implications for its structure, navigation layout and overall design, so it's essential to be clear on this from the start.

#2 - Who will its core users be?
Are you trying to appeal to and accommodate young business professionals? Teenagers? The older generation? Whoever it is, be sure to create a design that will speak to them and fulfil their needs.

#3 - What colour scheme best suits your image and purpose?
Don't underestimate how important the psychological impact of colour is on your visitors. Your colour scheme should be planned out beforehand and remain consistent throughout the entire site. Think about the image you wish to project - i.e. slick and modern, friendly and welcoming, or offbeat and unique.

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