Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Integrate the Top 7 Modules in Drupal CMS Solution for Higher Performance

Drupal 7 is the latest version of this technology that is making the development simpler and CMS solution smarter. If you are also planning to develop a Drupal CMS solution, you must know the modules that can improve its functionality. There are many modules that are integrated into Drupal development solution, however, there are some of them that are exceptionally good and are accepted by all developers across the world.
Let's consider the top 7 modules to be used in Drupal 7 development solution:
1. Web Form: Many businesses using Drupal platform has an aim to attract more visitors, provide them with useful information and encourage them to fill the contact us form. In such a scenario, the web forms module helps in filling out the forms easily. The developers can create forms such as employment applications, contact forms, surveys, feedback etc.
2. Views: It enables you to list down content easily to view and retrieve it at later stages. Whether you wish to create a list of blog posts, image slideshow and even display a product range, this module will make your work simpler.
3. Date: It is integrated with the Views module by allowing users to select the date as per the content type.
4. Panels: This Drupal module gives you a flexibility to build custom web pages easily. The developers can use Panels to present the looks of each content type on the website with no hassles.
5. Ctools: It is a powerful framework that helps both Views and Panels Drupal module to function smoothly. By using Ctools Drupal module, the developers can create modal dialog boxes, multi-step forms and much more.
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