Monday, February 4, 2013

7 Top Tips For A Website Designer To Build Great Websites

1. What Are The Objectives Of The Website?

You should plan your website carefully and think about your goals, what you want your site to do and the keywords to rank for. Although these may seem like obvious questions, many websites fail because their goals and objectives are not included in the website design

2. Identify Your Target Audience

Your website should be designed for your clients and therefore, it is essential that you identify and understand your client base that you want to capture. Your audience could be from several categories and as such, the reasons why they visit your website may vary widely. Therefore, you will need to consider this and design your website accordingly using colours, fonts and especially the message that you want to convey.

3. Convert Visitors Into Valuable Business

Your web readers can convert to real purchasers in several ways such as purchasing a service or product directly, downloading information, signing up for promotions or joining your mailing list. The point is that by taking the simple step of visiting your website, they have also taken the initial step of being a potential customer. It is safe to say that a good website designer will create a website that provides the right amount of information to the client for them to react accordingly.

4. Successful Branding

A company brand is more than simply a logo. There are many components your website needs to convey such as the manner in which you communicate your message to your visitors. It should instil confidence and assurance to the client that your brand has high values and provides a high quality service or product. All of this has to be conveyed in a manner of seconds otherwise, your viewer will simply move on-to another website.

5. Have A Site That Shouts

Spend time and thought in your website design. Analyse your competition and work out how your site can be different in such a way that will engage the customer and make them want to know more about your company and products. Again, your design will be a factor in whether a customer stays on your site or moves on.