Thursday, January 10, 2013

7 Tips for Making Your Website More Appealing

Every website owner wants to know how he or she can increase traffic to their webpage and at the same time, boost sales. The key to do doing both is by creating a site which will hold the reader's attention for a lengthy time period. The purpose of this article is to provide you with 7 tips for making your website more appealing. In the end, not only will your site receive more visitors, but these visitors will even be inspired to browse your page for a longer period of time.
Tip 1 - Choose an Impressionable Logo
If you want to build your brand identity and capture your readers' attention, then you must choose an impressionable logo. Include a memorable tagline near your header, and your visitors will want to explore your site to learn more about your company.
Tip 2 - Choose the Right Design
One of the most important parts of having an appealing website is choosing the right design. The idea design for your business is one which best represents your company and what it has to offer. In addition, the design should be stylish yet not overwhelming and be able to effectively convey your company's messages.
Tip 3 - Size Your Pages Appropriately
While there are many options for sizing the pages of your website  an ideal starting point is to use the default sizes which come with your web design program. These sizes have been tried and tested and have been proven to appear well on all the major screens. Creating your website using unusual page dimensions may negatively affect the ability of readers to easily navigate the pages.
Tip 4 - Make Clever Color Choices
Colors are very important when it comes to designing a website that will totally enthrall your site visitors. It is to your best advantage to always use colors which complement each other. Some of the colors most commonly used together are 1) grey, white, and red, 2) white and blue, and 3) white, yellow, and red. If you feel as though choosing colors may be a bit difficult for you, you can always identify the colors on some of your favorite websites and then apply them to your own page.
Tip 5 - Be Selective about Your Background
It takes more than an attractive background to make a captivating website  The background must also complement the images and the content font. For instance, if you have selected a dark background, then choosing a dim text font would be counterproductive because readers would find it difficult to read the text. Light-colored fonts should always be used on shaded backgrounds and vice-versa.
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