Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Choosing the Best E-Commerce Solutions for Your Online Business

Choosing the best online solution for your online business is not easy, and it is something so crucial that a hurried, uninformed decision will have a devastating effect on your business. You must take a lot of things into consideration before taking a decision, such as whether you need a standard platform or a customized one, what features you need etc.
The best webshop solution must be:
  1. Search Engine-friendly (SE-friendly)
  2. Flexible enough to help you grow with the growth of your online business
  3. Well within your budget
  4. Easy to maintain & update, so don't end up spending more time on it than strictly necessary.
You generally get two options while looking at an E-commerce solution. They are:
  • Standard Shop and Customized shop.
  • Let us get to know these two modules a bit better.
It is one of the easiest solutions to get your online business going. Picking it involves little deliberation. It promises you following benefits such as:
  • Standard Shop Module gets started truly fast. It is tested meticulously. It looks to have less downtime.
  • Even if, you go for a Standard Shop Module, you will still get a lot of space for customization so you can make the website your own. Of course, flexibility is one thing that goes missing in a Standard Shop Module.
  • It often offers your website fixed checkout space and fixed navigation options.
  • Watch out for the following points mentioned here while choosing a Standard Shop Module for your online business:
  • Always try a demo to see what kind of navigation it promises you and what options come with it. Look at the features that accompany it.
  • It must be Search Engine Friendly. Translation: it gives you the choice to manipulate URLs, write out Meta descriptions and Meta keywords.
  • Ensure whether it offers you an intuitive & user-friendly check-out process.
  • Make certain that you can add more than one image of the same product to help display it at various angles.
  • Check whether you can display related/matching products along with the main products.
So, you want someone to start building your e-commerce solution right from scratch, Customized Shop Module is the one you want. Of course, it is more expensive than Standard Shop Module.
The main benefits you reap while opting for Customized Shop Module are:
  • It offers you 100% flexibility, and you have total control over the look and aesthetics of your website.
  • You can even get additional features added to your webshop. Customized Shop Module will make your webshops unique, helping it stand out among the rest of the shops of your industry.