Monday, April 15, 2013

How to Create a Free Website Professionally

The advent of technology has made many businesses turn to online advertising to reach their target audience worldwide. This has made internet marketing very competitive and only business that use it effectively succeed in attaining their advertising goals. One of the major factors that makes many businesses fail to attain their advertising goals is use of poorly developed websites that fail to attract the targeted audience. Here are some tips on how to create a free website professionally.
1. Animation
Animated images are very effective if they are used in the appropriate manner. However, if they are overused in web creation they make the website ineffective. Higher number of images than required makes the web to load slowly putting off the visitors from the website. You need to use small sized animated images between eight to twelve kilobytes.
2. Frames
Unless it is a must that you have to use frames, they are not necessary when you create a free website. This is because most surfers, browsers, search engines do not like the frames. Search engines display frames as separate pages making visitors lose confidence with the website.
3. Background colour
Do not use black background and white text colors in a website is not appealing and may turn a reader away. Surfers without good eyesight will definitely not dare to visit your website if you use these two colors. It is advisable to use brighter colors that are attractive to the surfers and those that do not make the visitor strain to read your information.
4. Banners
Too many banners can have great benefits especially if you have paying advertisers showing their banners in your website. This will mean that you will have more income because of more displays, but this is just a short term benefit. Most website users do not like visiting websites with a lot of banners. It is also worth noting that too many banners make a website load slowly putting off many visitors.