Wednesday, June 19, 2013

5 Fresh CSS Methods For Web Design

Without a doubt, CSS is the most amazing development in web design since people adapted the first graphical web pages on a grand scale. As opposed to the previous slow-loading and clunky sites, CSS facilitated pages that are usable and much more streamlined. In addition, CSS has enable web designers to create different styles that were previously only possible using images. The best part about CSS is that once you master the basics, it is very simple. It manages to keep things clean and straightforward unlike the complex codes of the past. Here are five new CSS techniques that will enhance the quality of a website you design:
Performance and security
Many experts consider CSS purely as a styling language. Nevertheless, you can use it to enhance the security of a site and optimize your pages to load faster. It is vital to protect the security of your website especially if it is a business website. You should learn how to utilize the different aspects of CSS to achieve this. The faster your pages load the more visitors you will attract and retain.
Page layout
This is one of the primary functions of CSS. When it comes to page layout with CSS, the options are limitless especially when using the new CSS3 will be a basic requirement. Using this development, you can align inline images using the vertical align properties. You can also be able to make the website footers stay in place at the bottom of the page. The layout options are countless.
Customization of Menu and Navigation
One of the ways you can make your website stand out from the rest is to customize the navigation and menu. For instance, you can choose to overlap the menu arrangement or add cool and attractive buttons. Just remember, regardless of the design you choose, the menu needs to remain usable. Make the navigation easy for the user.
Advanced typography
Using CSS, you can be able to come up with advanced styles of typography on your site. Your options include line-wrap functions, faux anti-aliasing, shadows and gradient. The more creative you will be the more attractive your site will become.