Tuesday, June 4, 2013

5 Useful Tips in Designing a Website

In order for a website to connect with a company's target audience, it is important that the design is creative and appealing. A creative website design can appear interesting and also effectively draw people to visiting a particular website. Here are 5 useful tips that can successfully help in designing a website  With these 5 tips, you can get a head start on how to efficiently design a website on your own or understand the elements of a well-designed website.
Tip # 1: The Background--Design & Color--Should be Appropriate.
Have you ever tried to read white text on a white background? If you could do it, let me know. A website should always have complimentary colors and backgrounds. It is important that the background of a particular webpage should harmoniously blend with the text color and font. Make sure that the content is readable with the given background. If the background is light, then the text color should be dark. Alternatively, if the background is light, the color of the text should be dark.
Tip # 2: Balance the Multimedia Effects with the Content.
There is a reason why those content sliders are so popular! An effective website should have balance when it comes to its content and multimedia effects. A few graphics would be best to spice up a website;  however, more than three graphics can already be distracting and will take a long time to load. With this, target audiences may click away before fully reading the website content. So, try balancing media effects by utilizing a content slider in a WordPress design.
Tip # 3: Layout the website with Easy Navigation.
Navigation items such as search boxes and links are greatly important in websites,  given that they provide answers to the questions of the websites' audience and help your website's visitors get to the information they are seeking in a more expedient manner. A user does not want to have to search for what they are looking for, so don't make them have to! Ensure your site's menu is at a logical physical location in the layout of the website and make sure it's comprehensive while being concise.
Tip # 4: Maintain the Appropriate Color Scheme.
Color schemes are important when it comes to maintaining the identity of a website. Color schemes also help maintain professionalism in websites. It is important that a website' s designer make use of the appropriate color schemes; one that goes with content of a website and also matches the marketing materials of the business.
Tip # 5: Make Use of External Links.
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